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Pokemon academy story promo image by laila549
Pokemon academy story promo image
Hey guys long time no see!! This is like what... My first post of the year.... Damn.... Anyways i kinda sorta made this.. Even though the quality isn't good... As good as i wish it was.. Sadly... Anyways moving on! This is a picture just for promoting my new fan fiction of pokemon yes... Pokemon anyways it will be posted is "wattpad" (tittle not yet thought of) it will be an interesting story... I might post the link next time when the first chapter is done so if ya guys wish to read it. Yes and yes and yes there will be shippings and battles... And adventures and lots more and a looot of romance and a bit of heartbreaks... Also.. No the main character will not be a character from pokemon even though they will make an appearance as the supporting lead characters... But anyways the main character will be an OC of mine.. Female and also just to let you know so your not like "there are some none pokemon characters in the picture" there will be none pokemon character in the story OC's of mine as well... So if you wish to find out more... You'll have to wait and see.. Meanwhile enjoy this.. Image to give you a clue as to what the story will be about... (Also i couldn't add much more characters due to not finding the render images of the... I'm sad..) sorry for not posting in so long guys and i hope to see ya all soon with another art work! XD bye for now!!
Early Mary Christmas by laila549
Early Mary Christmas
Hello once again my lovely followers!! I am here today to show you all a Christmas picture i have just recently finished hahah though it is not the main one i am just currently sharing this one ahead of time well just cause i wanted to make something for you lovely viewers so have fun viewing on one more thing the girl is a render image done by Arinnea so plz go take a look at her awesome renders!! Thanks! Errr sorry one more thing i think i miss spelled Mary hehehe sorry about that plz over look it thanks again!
Happy thanks giving by laila549
Happy thanks giving
Okay!!!! Soooooo after that last post its funally time for the thanks giving picture i had promised so here ya goo!!!! I hope you guys like it!!! And with that here is a small story line from out friends in the picture!!


Goku: " yeah alright!!! Thanksgiving mean food!!! I can't wait!!" Goku was hopping up and flying around while the rest of the guest entered the room.
Ichigo: seriously why the hell was i made to come here? Oh well might as well hang out.... Huh?! Hey orihime you here too!!" He said as he walked in noticing orihime.
Orihime: she turned around and saw ichigo her face flushed seeing him in a tux "yes they did, but i didn't know you would be here ichigo." She said as she met him l
Half way
Yugi: well this is a shock it seems that a lot of people actually came to this party even thought the most obvious thing to do is spend this Holliday with family." He said as he walked up to both orihime and ichigo, he was holding a cup of what looked like punch that was from one of the many tables fill with food and drunks
Ichigo: "yeah i would have to agree with ya there, by the way who are you?" Ichigo asked almost glaring at him as if he was suspicious of him
Yugi: "oh my name is yugi moto it is a pleasure to meet you ichigo." Yugi said holding out his free hand to ichigo
Ichigo: "wait hold on how the hell do you know my name?!" Ichigo's face was full of shock as he looked at yugi
Yugi: " oh yeah sorry its just that your work per seeds you ichigo i have heard a lot about and how you help save everyone from hollows and stuff." Yugi answered with a smile on his face still hold his hand put to ichigo, while at the same time he noticed orihime keeping an eye on him as if he was plotting something 
Ichigo: " don't worry about it orihime." He said as he had tuned to look at her then back at yugi " i see its nice to meet you yugi." He said and shook his hand
Mai: "my aren't we having fun!" A small fairy appeared all of a sudden right before everyone's eyes, she was smiling and her eyes were shining like pearls
Ichigo orihime and yugi were both looking at her like "whats her deal?" All the while she was still smiling like an idiot 
Lelouch: " what is going on here ichigo?" Lelouch approached the group along with C2 
Ichigo: "we were just introducing ourselves and she showed up" ichigo pointed at mai 
C2: "oh that's mai i met her a few minutes ago hello again mai." She said smiled while clinging to Lelouch 
Everyone else had arrived and without their knowing they had all started to eating 
Naruto and goku were now having an eating contest while Shana had decoded to let ichigo and the other that everyone had already started to eat, they made their way to one of the table and started to eat while at the same time talking and all in all having a good time on this thanksgiving night

Story end

I know it was supper short and all i also skipped naruto entering and talking to everyone and stuff i Am sorry I'll do better next time XD if it makes you all feel better i came up with that on the spot XD anyways i hope you all have a wonderful. Thanks giving!!

Ayakashi ghost guild spirit of the crimson moon by laila549
Ayakashi ghost guild spirit of the crimson moon
Okay first off before i add the thanks giving picture i had promised before i will add this!!! The late Halloween picture!! Yes yes i know i know its about a month late i am so sorry!!! Anyways back to what the main point of this is..... This picture is of course well.... Errr was going to be entered in a contest the company for the game "ayakashi ghost guild" had done for Halloween but since there were no original demons allowed in the contest i couldn't enter it so... I had forgotten i had her.. Sorry! Okay now to introduce her to everyone.... Here goes!!!

Name: spirit of the crimson moon
 Rarity: 5 ★ 
Stats: attack 4500/13010 defense 5200/14100 
Skill: crimson sky
Reduces all of the enemies attack high trigger rate
Unleash skill line " i will cover this world in red for eternity!!"


"Let this world be bathed in blood!"
The spirit of the crimson moon she is the soul embodiment of all the negative energy vampires leave behind after drinking the blood of humans " it is said that sometimes when the moon is red some place in the world is covered in red" she embodies those tale and love nothing more them to see this world turned i to an eternal inferno of blood 

Happy supper late Halloween everyone i hope you liked her description and if i did something wrong plz do let me know i would love to hear from you all thanks a bunch and don't forget if you like this check out my other work i would be most grateful, now coming up is your thanks giving picture enjoy!!

ALICE NINE by laila549
Hi guys we are getting near that time of year when you get the chance to give thanks to everyone who has ever supported you along your long journey to being who you are today so in advance i would like to share this picture with you, it is of a band that i just recently came across, this band is a visual kei band their name is ALICE NINE and well in my opinion they are too damn hot and can't help but want to share their cuteness with all of you (mostly ladies) to thank you for your support even if you just stopped by to check out my profile or looked at even just one of my many picture i am still grateful to everyone for taking your time to look at my work even though i still have a long way to go ^_^ errrr in the middle of my talking i forgot what i was going to say next... Oh well I'll just say this thanks everyone and especially my followers I'll try to add more picture and show you my work and I'll continue to try and get better so thank you and i do hope you keep on supporting me the way you all have been since i joined here!!!
Oh yes i just remembered what i wanted to say so I'll just say it now before i forget I'll be working on a special thanks giving picture for everyone i May or may not add it in time but for sure i will add a thanks giving art work for everyone to see.


Aria yuki
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